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Short-term, restrictive diets just don’t work as long-term weight loss solutions. As soon as your diet proves unsustainable within your everyday life, you regain the weight you’ve lost while dieting, negatively impacting your biological and psychological systems as well. Sound familiar?


In Fighting Fat: Break the Dieting Cycle and Get Healthy for Life!, wellness expert and best-selling author Dr. Steven Lamm reveals why it’s more important to gain health than to simply lose pounds. With Dr. Lamm’s individualized approach to weight reduction that’s based on your unique lifestyle, biology, and risk factors, you can start to improve your overall well-being while greatly reducing your risk of countless health complications.


Groundbreaking advancements in the rapidly evolving science behind weight loss have generated many new options for people who struggle to manage their weight. From understanding the effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications to making decisions about bariatric surgery, Fighting Fat delivers Dr. Lamm’s authoritative insights and analysis of the most current and comprehensive information available.




Study Shows Pycnogenol® Naturally Improves Endothelial Function and Reduces Oxidative Stress

Steven Lamm Pycnogenol

The body’s first line of defense against coronary artery disease are endothelial cells. These cells serve as the “traffic cop” for blood flow, directing blood to the appropriate area of the body to support the body’s actions. Alternative or natural remedies are an easy, effective way to help restore the body’s own functions in flow-mediated arterial dilatation.

A new study finds Pycnogenol® (French maritime pine bark extract) increased artery dilation by 32 percent and significantly reduced plasma-8-isoprostaries, an index of oxidative stress. The study also found that Pycnogenol® effectively demonstrated significant effects on a critical measure of endothelial function, reducing plasma levels of endothelin-1.

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